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Este año se han realizado algunos cambios en la página sobre el 17 de Octubre.

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Ile IFE - Domingo 17 Octubre 2021 - Online event with Whatsapp group plaform by TIM TALKS

Cuéntanos lo que pasó en el evento

Some interesting excerpts from the conversation via TimTalk

Descripción del evento

The 2021 international day for poverty eradication was commemorated by Tim Talks by organizing an online event to answer basic but important questions to the discourse of poverty eradication. The aim of this event is to make young people understand the severity of poverty and why they must be actively involved in its eradication.


Sofia - Lunes 18 Octubre 2021 - Art Gallery, within different meeting outside under tents

Cuéntanos lo que pasó en el evento

An exhibition marking the World for overcoming Extreme Poverty Day 2021 took place between 18 and 20 October.

Visitors had the opportunity to discover its various parts, fruits of regular dialogues with people experiencing poverty and of initiatives with children and their families as part of the struggle to build a bridge with education. Anyone could come, sit down and look at the photos and movies revealing the world of these initiatives.
The first interactive workshop took place around a participatory research called “The Hidden Dimensions of Poverty”.

Participants shared how resisting to poverty is exhausting their abilities. "Because of our poverty situation, our hands are damaged by the constant carrying of luggage."
"Extreme poverty is a torture. Poverty can be fatal; not only a person can get sick, but he can also die. He became seriously ill and could not work."

Two other events took place on Tuesday: an artistic workshop with clay and the screening of the film "Crafts by Heritage" from Stolipinovo / Plovdiv /. It presents the work of various craftmen from the neighborhood. After the screening, a short discussion began. The director said that it was good for the film to be screened in Sofia and to see the many positive reactions.
On the third day, a meeting of the members of the Network Against Poverty was held. It was the first meeting not online, as this network has started in 2021. It continues its work on four main topics: access to housing, healthcare, ID cards and education.
The closing of this exhibition is not the end! This is the beginning of a new year of engagements! Let’s put an end poverty all together!

Descripción del evento

Bulgaria, from Monday to Wednesday, we are starting a 3 days exhibition in an Art Gallery, within different meeting outside under tents.
We'll present the 5' video about the Hidden Dimensions of Poverty in Bulgarian for the 1st time, and also it will be the first meeting of the new National Network against Poverty. Both of them required a long process.

You can look at the presentation in Bulgarian and English on our Facebook page: https://fb.me/e/2uXxVO8Xx


CHENNAI (MADRAS) - Domingo 17 Octubre 2021 - Child ambassadors for Oct 17th

Cuéntanos lo que pasó en el evento

Our small ngo conducted a brief survey among children on how poverty plays role in their lives and near and
dear ones.
Here are the findings
57 children were taken for study
The survey is basic & Layman approach.
Oct 17th poverty eradication day,  our small ngo, conducted a ground level survey on the subject Poverty removal.   We selected children from our ngo and others who are in the pangs of povertySeriousness. Our study was conducted on a lay man’s approach , the findings are just the tip of the iceberg,  lots more needs to be done . Covid was a big monstrous dragon that unleashed its wrath on everyone. Loss of job and home was very prevalent, debts was rising like heated mercury. Our ngo was feeding the children and their families with dry rations and cooked food to the level possible, some of the children were tempted , yet yielded to child labor which was painfully inevitable. Sadly many girl children families opted for child weddings too, however it was stopped. Some families opted to end their lives with interventions and counseling that was mitigated.
Here are two stories of children who wish to remain anonymous

Ms. aged about 14, girl student, best in her studies and games.  She wished to become a pediatrician against any odds.   Her family was affected by covid,  however she survived and was placed in foster care till her parents recovered fully.  The second part of the sad story is the covid recovered parents were bewildered with the huge debts of job loss and no future to face.  It was like a sinking ship,  options were to at least get the daughter married , which would help the situation.  Knowing the fact we intervened and helped the family and advised not to take such steps which would be disastrous.  We got a job for the father and mother works too., sooner the children would go to school as it reopens.

Mr. aged about 15, boy, excellent in studies, He wanted to become an  marine diver ,  Covid has cost the life of his father and without income the mother and siblings were in a bleak situation.  Regretfully the situation tempted him to child labor, However we intervened got a job for his mother and phone for him to continue his schooling via webinars.  He is encouraged and presently looking forward to the reopening of the school
There are many sad stories which we were able to help and cases which we were unable to help.
Hopefully this would become resilience to us and the community we serve.

Descripción del evento

Children affected by COVID-19
Most of the families affected / infected by covid-19 encountered heavy losses such as death of loved ones, job loss, micro , small business closed down, suicides, This has been affected by heavy trauma on children which is beyond poverty.
So oct 17th movement we would go in for survey of children and families for finding ways to help them. Shabnam Resources is hase begun propagating on the Oct 17th  event to children and others through child ambassadors.

La India

Mbeya City and Dar Es Salaam - Domingo 17 Octubre 2021 - OKTOBA 17, SIKU YA KIMATAIFA YA KUTOKOMEZA UMASIKINI

Cuéntanos lo que pasó en el evento

We came back from Mbeya on the 18th. We celebrated October 16th on 16 because 17 was a Sunday, a worship day.   The celebration took place at Nuru Orphanage Centre. We started the day by doing community work, that is washing children's clothes, cleaning the environment of the centre, cleaning and unclogging toilets and ditches, after we came together ATD members, invited guests, orphanage workers and the children for the real celebration. The description of the day was given by an ATD member and testimonies from children, center workers and ATD members were given. The children sang and we danced together with the children to their songs and the culture drum rhythms from a local culture group. Then we had a meal together with the children. In brief, a very memorable day for all who attended, a very touching and happy day for the children and everyone who attended. The communication committee will send the pictures of the whole event. That was in Mbeya. In Dar es salaam, we will celebrate on the 24th.

Descripción del evento

This year there will occur events in Mbeya city on saturday 16th, in another  Dar on October 24th.

Some informations exist in kiswahili in this page on the attached files.

Pour le 17 Octobre de cette année, entre autres choses, vous trouverrez traduits du français vers le kiswahili des points de repères sur ce qu'est et n'est pas la journée. L'idée est de pouvoir le partager avec de nouveaux amis comme à Mbeya où se tiendra un événement samedi 16/10.

Nous l'utiliserons aussi pour l'événement du 24/10 à l'Alliance française de Dar. C'est davantage un outil de travail avec des partenaires qu'un outil de communication.

You can see more informations about October 17th in Dar, and Mbeya City in the following links. Click here please:

Mbeya City and Dar Es Salaam

La Haye, Utrecht, Heerlen, Nimwegen - Domingo 17 Octubre 2021 - Stones tell a story

In the Netherlands there are 5 celebrations of October 17th.

-The Hague, at our National Centre, 

- 't Zwervel, with the youth movement,

- Utrecht - a collaboration with local and national organisations fighting against poverty,

- Heerlen, with the theatre-play "Zie de Mens (= Watch the human Being) created with people who live in situations that make them vulnerable",

-  Nimwegen, after the Mass (RC) at the Wall of Peace where a stone is graved with a text of Father Joseph: Our only arm is the love for humanity, passion for justice and peace." Here we will read the international message, adapted with Dutch examples, sing Oh Freedom, read a poem by Joke Kersten "Watch the human being" 

Interesting too: The groupe in Heerlen painted "Solidaritystones" especialy for the 17h october celebration. Each of these stones tell a story. These stones are photographed and the stories written at each stone.

La Haye, Utrecht, Heerlen, Nimwegen
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