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Actuar juntos para lograr justicia social y medioambiental para todas las personas

Este año se han realizado algunos cambios en la página sobre el 17 de Octubre.

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  • Testimonios: tomas de palabra de personas que viven la gran pobreza.
  • Presentación: lo que es este Día, su espíritu,...
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Online - Pakistan - Sábado 17 Octubre 2020 - Invitation to a webinar

Time: Oct 17, 2020 03:00 PM PST

Facebook Live https://www.facebook.com/mvconsult

Our panelists will have discussion on the following topics

1. Ghulam Shabbir (Chief Operating Officer, Momentum):
Presentation: “Recent research evidences on the dynamics of household poverty with a focus on inclusive development and women empowerment along with proposed policy focus from the province of Balochistan, Pakistan”

2. M. Ali Kemal (Economist):  Data gaps regarding SGDs 1 (poverty alleviation)

3. Khaleel Tetlay (Chief Operating Officer, Rural Support Programmes Network): Role of social mobilization & micro-financing for poverty alleviation

4.Dr. Haroon Sarwar (Deputy Chief, Macro-economic Section, MoPD&SI): The current status of multidimensional poverty in Balochistan and its implications in future

5. Qaiser Jamali (Technical Assistance, Rural Support Programmes Network): Strengthening the role of local governance for inclusive development

6. Fehmida Hassan (Programme Manager BRACE, Rural Support Programmes Network): Women empowerment and poverty in Balochistan

7. Dr. Shahnawaz Khan (Team Leader BRACE, Rural Support Programmes Network): Poverty alleviation strategies in Balochistan

8. Khurram Shahzad (Specialist M&E, Rural Support Programmes Network): Challenges and issues of monitoring and evaluation and its impact on development in Balochistan

Muhammad T.
Lead Partnerships & Outreach

Online - Pakistan

Ibadan and Online - Sábado 17 Octubre 2020 - Online conversation

I am thinking that we could have an online conversation on ‘Young People and the Fight for Social and Environmental Justice in Fragile States,’ to explore the intersectionality between social and environmental justice, very specifically within the context of fragile states. 

The conversation will also attempt to delineate the role that young people can play, should be and are playing in this fight, and the opportunities available to them in this digital age, as well as the challenges before them in this era of the 'convergence of crises.'

I will reach out to some of my sisters and brothers who I hope would be  able to join.



Ibadan and Online

Mymensingh - Sábado 17 Octubre 2020 - share children's stories about their experience of poverty

We will celebrate the World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty (Oct 17th) in a small scale program.

Mati Bangladesh is celebrating this day with some limited programs for the last couple of years along with the support of ATD Fourth World friends and local partner organizations. 
This year we will organize programs with children and youths from four different communities and two programs will be organized in two places. Due to COVID risk, we will only work with 20 participants in two separate programs with maintaining a proper hygiene system. In this program, we will share children's stories about their experience of poverty which we found during our research program. Also, we will share the Children's dimensions of poverty with them and will have a small talk about it. Later on, the report about this program and photos and videos will be shared on our website www.povertyinbangladesh.com. Which might become also helpful for all of us to share the messages of overcoming extreme poverty.


Online - Jueves 15 Octubre 2020 - Online meeting by the European Parliament Intergroup Fighting Against Poverty

Intergroup against Poverty in the European Parliament:

Public online meeting  this Thursday 15 October from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. around the UN international theme "Acting together for social and environmental justice for all".

Link to register to the meeting

Speakers will include:

- people experiencing poverty from EAPN members BAPN, EAPN Portugal and ATD Fourth World

- Olivier De Schutter, UN Special Rapporteur for Extreme Poverty and Human Rights),

- MEPs Cindy Franssen and Pierfrancesco Majorino (Co-Chairs of the Intergroup  on Poverty), MEPs Marisa Matias and Marie Toussaint (Vice-Chairs of the Intergroup on Poverty) and Santina Bertulessi (Deputy Head of Cabinet for Commissioner Nicholas Schmit).

Interpretation: English, French, Italian and Portuguese


Intergroupe lutte contre la pauvreté au Parlement européen:

Rencontre en ligne publique ce jeudi 15 octobre de 15h à 17h, autour du thème international de l'ONU "Agir ensemble pour la justice sociale et environnementale pour tous".

Lien pour vous inscrire

Parmi les orateurs figureront:

- des personnes en situation de pauvreté des membres d'EAPN BAPN, EAPN Portugal et ATD Quart Monde

- Olivier De Schutter, Rapporteur spécial des Nations unies sur l'extrême pauvreté et les droits de l'homme),

- les députés européens Cindy Franssen et Pierfrancesco Majorino (co-présidents de l'Intergroupe sur la pauvreté), les députés européens Marisa Matias et Marie Toussaint (vice-présidentes de l'Intergroupe sur la pauvreté) et Santina Bertulessi (chef de cabinet adjoint du commissaire Nicholas Schmit)

Interprétation : Anglais, français, italien et portugais.


Glasgow and online - Sábado 17 Octubre 2020 - Lighting a candle and connecting online

For Glasgow finally there will be no physical gathering around the stone due to current restrictions - there will be a lighting a candle which will be filmed and a facebook page has been set up for people to connect and share together through the day.

October 17 Glasgow preparation group

Glasgow and online
Reino Unido