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Online - Jueves 15 Octubre 2020 - Poems to Challenge Poverty

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In the UK, we started the observance of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty a couple of days in advance with a poetry evening that marked the Challenge Poverty Week. Twenty-one poets and singers (activists with ATD or with partner organisations) performed by videoconferencing to a public spread across Britain and in Ireland, France, Israel, the United States, and Mexico. 

On 17 October, the team in London invited 6-7 family members to our headquarters in London. We started the day with speeches and videos from Ireland, then had a long intermission for chats and lunch, and finally ended the day with the United Nations Commemoration Watch Party. We were all happy to be able to come together on that important day, even if it had to be a small scale event.

In Frimhurst, around 15 people (team members, activists and the chair of the Board of Directors) gathered for a tree planting ceremony to commemorate activists who passed away this year. It was a very touching moment for all those who attended.

Descripción del evento

Please join this online event to hear a selection of moving poems on the everyday experiences of living in poverty in the UK today.

Register to access the event, 17:00 – 19:00 CEST

All of us, from across the four nations of this country, know from personal experience what poverty is like. We have written poems to express what poverty is and how it feels to have your voice heard. Our poems are about what needs to change and what uplifts us.

We are coming together to add our voices to events taking place to mark Challenge Poverty Week around the country

This evening of poetry is also being co-organised by the APLE (Addressing Poverty with Lived Experience) Collective and All Together in Dignity/ATD Fourth World, On Road Media and 4in10: London's Child Poverty Network.

We hope you will join us for an evening of inspiration and solidarity.

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Several places in Ireland - Sábado 17 Octubre 2020 - Differents events in Ireland

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Here is our Gallery 2020 of 17 October events observed by local groups around the country which may be of interest.


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Several places in Ireland

Online - Jueves 15 Octubre 2020 - The economy of Francesco

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Descripción del evento

Thursday 15 October: The economy of Francesco - 4pm (Brussels time)

On YouTube: https://youtu.be/u8JrYdhQTY4?

“Acting together to achieve social and environmental justice for all”. This is the United Nations theme for October 17, 2020, the World Day for Overcoming Poverty.

“People who live in extreme poverty are often the most affected by climate and environmental change. While they are already taking action to resist poverty, today they are also facing the consequences of these new challenges. On October 17, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, the United Nations ensures that their knowledge, contributions and experience are recognized and celebrated. The Economy of Francesco would like to contribute to celebrate the date by organizing an online conversation entitled How do we measure poverty? that will focus on extreme poverty as a multidimensional phenomenon.

The dialogue will be held with Xavier Godinot, Research Director at ATD Fourth World’s Joseph Wresinski Research Institute. He is currently conducting international participatory research with Oxford University on “Determining the dimensions of poverty and how to measure them”, which implements the Merging of Knowledge approach. In this project, people living in poverty are part of the national research teams in six countries, alongside academics and practitioners. Godinot will dialogue with Martha Pancheva, Assistant Professor of Economics, (Sophia University) and John Paul Yumul, Lecturer on the Economy, Society and Sustainable Development (Manila University). Introduction by Luigino Bruni, Scientific Director of The Economy of Francesco.



Dublin - Sábado 17 Octubre 2020 - Online event

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Here under is an article about the online webinar that took place on 17 October.

All Together in Dignity (ATD) Ireland in conjunction with the Irish 17 October Committee hosted an online commemoration of the United Nations International Eradication of Poverty Day, Saturday, 17 October. Over 60 people participated in the hour-long event.

Unfortunately, the public health restrictions necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic meant that the commemoration this year could not be held in its customary location at the Human Rights and Poverty Stone, Custom House Quay, Dublin.

Maureen O’Sullivan, formerly a Teachta Dála (parliamentarian) for 11 years representing the Dublin Central Constituency, was Master of Ceremonies for the online event. Maureen showed great empathy and understanding of the significance of the event, welcomed the participants, and made all of the speakers feel at ease. She spoke knowledgeably and eloquently to the many issues that arose during the webinar.

The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Hazel Chu, in the opening address, spoke of the inter-connectedness of social justice and environmental justice, reflecting the global theme of this year’s World End Poverty Day: Acting together to achieve social and environmental justice for all.

Following this, Belinda Nugent, the Irish Representative on the International 17 October Committee, spoke of the international dimension of the World Day, the role of the Committee in promoting observance of the World Day, and the importance of the global theme in the context of Covid-19, while also presenting examples around the world where commemorations for the 17 October were taking place.

There then followed the reading of the Message of the Human Rights and Poverty Stone, and of the over 50 other commemorative stones around the world, as first pronounced in 1987 at the Plaza of Human Rights in Paris by Joseph Wresinski, the Initiator of the 17 October World Day before an audience of 100,000 people.

Wherever men and women are condemned to live in extreme poverty, human rights are violated. To come together to ensure that these rights are respected is our solemn duty.

The message was read in three languages: in Irish (by Martin Byrne), in French (by Juliette Pechenart) and in English (by Paul Uzell).

Once again this year, the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, wrote a 17 October Message for the online gathering, which was read by Brian O’Toole of the Irish 17 October Committee. This was complemented by the launch that day of a public message and video by the President which can be viewed here: https://www.atd-fourthworld.org/lives-intertwined-on-a-shared-planet/

Music has always held a special place in the annual commemoration of the World End Poverty Day in Dublin. We were all moved by the beautiful song, ‘Motherland’ which was next performed by Aine and Cathal Holland.

We then came to the heart of the online commemoration, the personal testimonies of people with first-hand experience of the effects of poverty and exclusion on their lives.

Folashade from the Dominican Justice Project spoke bravely of the impact the Direct Provision system has had on her and her children, and of her dreams and hopes for a better future for her family.

It’s hard for me to talk about my hopes and dreams for my family because this system of Direct Provision we are living in stops you from looking forward to the future. Me and my family can’t wait for the day when we will be able to move out of the direct provision system to start a new life for ourselves.

Irene of the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland shared accounts of the daily struggles of thousands of undocumented people in Ireland, and how they reach out to support one another in their efforts to find decent work and to achieve official registration.

While many of our members are frontline and essential workers like carers, childminders, retail, delivery drivers and cleaners, who worked continuously throughout the pandemic lockdown, they nonetheless had to seek help in accessing basic living needs like food and financial support.

Finally, Mary Brigid of Pavee Point Travellers Centre, explained the rich culture and traditions of the Traveller ethnic group in Ireland and the challenges they as a community continue to face in relation to equity in work, education, housing and health.

We saw during Covid that things can change.  We saw that we can make progress.  What we need now is social justice – equality of outcomes in health, education, accommodation and employment.  And a just recovery from Covid.  

The webinar next highlighted the many commemorative events for the World End Poverty Day being held around Ireland, thanks to the Public Awareness Funding 2020 scheme of the Social Inclusion Division of the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection. Ciara Margolis of ATD Ireland presented a summary of the 17 diverse projects funded this year under the scheme. The Irish 17 October Committee published the National 17 October 2020 Programme booklet featuring these projects, which can be viewed here: bit.ly/3nwB43h

In a Common Gesture, the webinar participants were invited to send a message to someone they knew sharing the news of their involvement in the webinar to mark the World Day, or simply to reach out to someone near to them with a hug or a smile.

The commemoration event then concluded with closing remarks from the Master of Ceremonies and the launch of a new film by ATD Ireland, ’17 Voices, 1 Message: Stop Poverty! #17October’ in which 17 people, those with lived experience of poverty and those who support them, speak about what poverty means for them in the context of the 17 October World Day. The film can be viewed here: atdireland.ie/wp/

On behalf of the Irish 17 October Committee, we express our sincere gratitude to all the participants in our commemoration webinar, and in particular to those who shared their personal testimonies with such dignity and courage, and to everyone who helped make this year’s observance of the World End Poverty Day, 17 October 2020, possible.

#EndPoverty #LeaveNoOneBehind #17octIRL

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See video

Descripción del evento

Join the friends and supporters of the Irish 17 October Committee for an online commemoration of the United Nations International End Poverty Day on Saturday, 17 October at 11.00am via Zoom.

You can register here

This event is held annually at the Human Rights and Poverty Stone, Custom House Quay, Dublin, but has had to move online this year due to the current public health restrictions.

The programme includes personal testimonies from people with lived experience of poverty, music, presentations, addresses and the launch of a film, ‘17 Voices, One Message: Stop Poverty! #17October’, of interviews with 17 people on what the 17 October Day means for them.
The Lord Mayor of Dublin will give the opening address and a letter from the President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins will be read.

There is a limit of one reservation per person applying. There is a maximum of 40 places available. While it is an open event, people with a lived experience of poverty or those who previously supported the UN International End Poverty Day are especially welcome to register.

A zoom link and event programme will be sent to all registered participants closer to the event.

You can follow the lead up to our 17 October commemoration at www.17october.ie and on Twitter at @17octcomIrl – hashtags #EndPoverty #LeveNoOneBehind #17octIRL

For those wishing to watch the event at a later date, a live feed will be uploaded to Facebook after the event is over.

Read all about it in the National #17October 2020 Programme Booklet already published



Online - Sábado 17 Octubre 2020 - The Teachers Union INTO in Ireland marks #EndPovertyDay

Global Citizenship School Call to Action

We are asking teachers to teach our "End Poverty Lesson" and to assist their pupils to take the proposed ACTION.

Click "HERE" to go directly to our 17th Oct. End Poverty Lesson & Action.

G.C.S. Website

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