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Actuar juntos para lograr justicia social y medioambiental para todas las personas

Este año se han realizado algunos cambios en la página sobre el 17 de Octubre.

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  • Testimonios: tomas de palabra de personas que viven la gran pobreza.
  • Presentación: lo que es este Día, su espíritu,...
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Guatemala - Sábado 17 Octubre 2020 - Caminando hacia la paz para alcanzar la justicia Social.

El Comité 17 de Octubre en Guatemala ha lanzado su

CAMPAÑA Caminando hacia la paz para
alcanzar la justicia Social
. Tiene por objetivo
transmitir mensajes de constructores de paz
grabadas desde sus comunidades y
publicadas en la página oficial de Facebook.
Del 1 hasta el 17 de Octubre


¿Cómo contribuimos a la paz para alcanzar la
justicia social?
1.- Dedicar un tiempo en familia, para
responder a la pregunta.
2.- Haz el cambio de la Rosa de la paz, (u
objeto valioso), honra a un miembro de la
familia para hacer este cambio.
3.- Tómate una foto familiar o video
4.- Envíalo al WhatsApp 5302-2020.
Antes del 17 de octubre.


FORO: Impacto de la COVID19 en la pobreza
en Guatemala

Jueves 15 de Octubre a las 11:30 horas. En colaboración con las Naciones Unidas en Guatemala

ACTO SOLEMNE: Cambio de la Rosa de la paz,
En el patio de la paz, Palacio Nacional de la
Viernes 16 de Octubre a las 10:00 hora


Mexico - Miércoles 14 Octubre 2020 - Taller online ¿QUÉ PUEDO HACER CONTRA LA POBREZA?


Inscríbete en http://bit.ly/que-puedo-hacer

✅ Si alguna vez te has hecho esta pregunta

✅ Si quieres pensar en otras maneras de contribuir

✅ Si estás buscando inspiración

Únete a este taller participativo donde compartir y generar ideas para actuar en tu vida personal, familiar, social, profesional o ciudadana por un mundo sin pobreza.

Cárgate de ideas y contribuye a la creación de

"La guía de las 52 ideas de acción contra la pobreza".

Miércoles 14 de octubre | 2 h de duración

15h Guatemala, Honduras

16h México, Perú

17h Bolivia

18h Buenos Aires, Brasilia

Inscríbete en http://bit.ly/que-puedo-hacer

Gratuito. Cupo limitado.

¿Te unes?


Tagum and Mati - Jueves 15 Octubre 2020 - Discussion about local community plan

Cuéntanos lo que pasó en el evento

To recognize the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on October 17, 2020, Mati Bangladesh has organized two separate workshops and knowledge sharing session with children. Here are moments from that sessions.

See video

Descripción del evento

Tagum City leaders discuss about the local community action plan /activity for the Oct 17 2020 World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty with upo leaders from the City of Mati, Davao Oriental.

Tagum and Mati

Dar es Salaam - Sábado 17 Octubre 2020 - Exchange on social and environmental justice

Cuéntanos lo que pasó en el evento

Dear colleagues,

The day was a success. We managed to bring together more than a hundred people. Bearing in mind that the election campaigns are still continuing, that was a good gathering. Most of our friends and invitees from the local governments could not attend and some had to leave during the celebration to attend election issues.

-We read messages from the UN, ATD International Leadership team. We read also the word of the day plus the history of the day, the theme "ACTING TOGETHER TO ACHIEVE SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE FOR ALL", its explanation in a plain simple language and extracts from various sources explaining causes of environmental degradation through human activities.

-Then we had two historically related testimonies from the former quarry of Kunduchi and the present Boko quarry area. These gave a picture of how poor people are exploited and when they are no longer needed, are thrown away like useless trash.

-Then the families in groups from their relevant areas discussed issues and challenges in their areas regarding the theme of the day. A moving testimony came from a man who talked about maltreatment and injustice from his close family members.

People had come to participate, not to watch.

-Participants were dancing to the drum beats from the live culture group performing and the taarabu, sengeli and kwaito music.

-A number of issues had come out during the group discussions. One issue which arose, concerning free education policy, was the contributions in schools employed by teachers which distorted the concept of free education. The issue was taken by an education officer from the municipal council. She left her telephone number to a group of women for further communication.

On their way back home, people continued to discuss the theme of the day.

-In Mbeya people gathered for the first time.

-In Dodoma, our friend Peter M. organized a debate on the theme, "Acting together to achieve social and environmental justice".   

-We did it, while at the same time thinking of our partners in other areas who couldn't come together for the day, thinking of those who face injustice because of who they are, thinking of all the miseries of the poor!

Pictures and other news will be available in the newsletter.

Wishing you all the best,

Mr Saasita

Descripción del evento

We just formed a new committee recently due to the corona pandemic. We took time to review the concept note of October 17, the World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty. Our first preparatory meeting took place early August. Since then we meet once a week. The campaign has already started and it will go on until one day before election day, 27th of October, ten days after 17th of October.

We plan to organise soon a one day sharing and exchange event which we hope to bring together practitioners working in our activity areas and persons with the experience of poverty. The idea is to reflect "together" on this year's theme from the viewpoint of our localities. The results of the exchange will be part of the presentation on October 17.

Wishing you all the best in the preparations of the day,

Constantine S. 

For the 17th October Organizing Committee


Dar es Salaam

Online - Jueves 15 Octubre 2020 - Poems to Challenge Poverty

Cuéntanos lo que pasó en el evento

In the UK, we started the observance of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty a couple of days in advance with a poetry evening that marked the Challenge Poverty Week. Twenty-one poets and singers (activists with ATD or with partner organisations) performed by videoconferencing to a public spread across Britain and in Ireland, France, Israel, the United States, and Mexico. 

On 17 October, the team in London invited 6-7 family members to our headquarters in London. We started the day with speeches and videos from Ireland, then had a long intermission for chats and lunch, and finally ended the day with the United Nations Commemoration Watch Party. We were all happy to be able to come together on that important day, even if it had to be a small scale event.

In Frimhurst, around 15 people (team members, activists and the chair of the Board of Directors) gathered for a tree planting ceremony to commemorate activists who passed away this year. It was a very touching moment for all those who attended.

Descripción del evento

Please join this online event to hear a selection of moving poems on the everyday experiences of living in poverty in the UK today.

Register to access the event, 17:00 – 19:00 CEST

All of us, from across the four nations of this country, know from personal experience what poverty is like. We have written poems to express what poverty is and how it feels to have your voice heard. Our poems are about what needs to change and what uplifts us.

We are coming together to add our voices to events taking place to mark Challenge Poverty Week around the country

This evening of poetry is also being co-organised by the APLE (Addressing Poverty with Lived Experience) Collective and All Together in Dignity/ATD Fourth World, On Road Media and 4in10: London's Child Poverty Network.

We hope you will join us for an evening of inspiration and solidarity.

Reino Unido