Temática para 2017
Responder al llamado del 17 de octubre a poner fin a la pobreza: una vía hacia sociedades pacíficas e inclusivas

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Manila - Martes 17 Octubre 2017 - Commemoration in Rizal Park

Commemoration - Rizal Park - 7:30 - 12NN  

The celebration of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty is organized by NAPC (National Anti-Poverty Commission), ATD and other partners.

Each year, hundreds of participants gather together for this event. It’s a unique moment where people with experience of poverty will be at centre stage to voice out their concerns and wishes for the future to be heard.

At 9:00AM, members of ATD communities together with Jessie Villabrille, director of Teatro Balagtas will present a new theatre play: The script was inspired by Community Forums where seven communities discussed the following topic: "What changes in life can we reach by being together with others?"

Watch live streaming of the event on poverty-stop.org and on https://www.facebook.com/ATD.Philippines/.