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D.F - Viernes 16 Octubre 2015 - Conversatorio: "Construir un futuro sostenible".

Con motivo del Día Mundial para la Erradicación

de la Pobreza Extrema,

el Movimiento internacional ATD Cuarto Mundo

y el Taller de Expresión Oral y Escrita de la UACM invitan al conversatorio:

Construir un futuro sostenible:

unirnos para poner fin a la pobreza y la discriminación


Modera: Mario Rey

  • Introducción al Día Mundial para la Erradicación de la Pobreza Extrema.
  • Introducción al informe La miseria es violencia. Romper el silencio. Buscar la Paz. (ATD Cuarto Mundo, 2012)
  • Proyección La miseria es violencia (8´) (ATD Cuarto Mundo, 2012)
  • Reacciones de Julieta Pino y Beatriz Monje, delegadas de ATD Cuarto Mundo para la región América Latina y el Caribe
  • Debate: “Construir un futuro sostenible”.

viernes, 16 de octubre 2015 / 10 am.

Taller de Expresión Oral y Escrita. Salón 006. Edificio 4

Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México

Plantel Cuauhtepec. Avenida la Corona 320, Col. Loma la Palma, Del. Gustavo A. Madero, México D.F. 07160

Avenida de la Corona 320, Colonia Loma la Palma Delegación Gustavo A Madero

Guatemala - Lunes 12 Octubre 2015 - Inauguración Exposición de Pintura

Inauguración de la Exposición de Pintura del grupo de jóvenes y adolescentes “artistas, constructores de paz” Obras realizadas a partir de sus reflexiones sobre : “ Una educación digna, sin exclusión, para un futuro sostenible”

Lugar: Instituto Italiano de Cultura                   

Hora: 6pm

Exposición hasta el 16 de octubre

16 calle 2-55 zona 10

Kibera - Sábado 17 Octubre 2015 - 17 October - Children's and Young People Community Event

Cuéntanos lo que pasó en el evento

  • We had a gathering with the youths from the slums, 70 young children and 40 young adults where we spent time doing little activities including art, some little games. We ended up with reflections of poverty.

    The children as well as adults were given time to pray for  people who have died due to poverty , their families and friends. We also had two minutes of silence just to help people come to terms with the poverty situation.

  • We shared food which was provided by friends.

Descripción del evento

YSMEG (Young Single Mother's Empowerment Group) in link with the Edmund Rice Community based organization will have a 17 October event in Kibera around this year's theme of 0ctober 17th.

Our activities will start from 9 am until 4 pm in one of the local private schools, where we will share food and a meal together.


Manila - Miércoles 21 Octubre 2015 - Celebration in Rizal Park with National Anti Poverty Commission (NAPC)

Cuéntanos lo que pasó en el evento

Here are photos and a video from our 21 October 2015 event in Manila.

The video is an ATD Fourth World theatre play that was performed during the Manila celebrations. Attached are the Filipino and English transcripts of the play as there are no subtitles.  The day and the play itself has been prepared by a small committee of active ATD members here and in collaboration with the National Anti-Poverty Commission and some NGOs of ATD's network.

See video

Descripción del evento

Registration will start at 7am.

Everyone is invited to celebrate the International day for the eradication of extreme poverty in Luneta Park, on October 21st.

The program will cover the morning, from 9am to 12nn.

The event has been prepared in several communities (Metro Manila and relocation sites), and from the contribution of Community member as been created a script for a theater drama !

Thanks to the collaboration of NAPC policies makers will be also able to answer and react from what the will listen.

Luneta park, Manila

London - Sábado 17 Octubre 2015 - Community Open Day: International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Cuéntanos lo que pasó en el evento

Here are some photos from our most recent 17 October event, International Day for Eradication of Poverty. Every 17 October we host a community based, open house event that takes place at our headquarters in South London involving friends, family and other community organisations.

We had writing workshop where we asked people to look at the text of the 17 October Commemorative Stone that was laid in Paris in 1987:

"Wherever men and women are condemned to live in extreme poverty, human rights are violated. 

To come together to ensure that these rights be respected is our solemn duty."

In the workshop, people wrote what is important to say and share with others today about poverty.  They also gave ideas for future 17 October events. This is what what they shared:

"I think we should take 17 October outside so other people can listen.  We need to do this so people can take poverty seriously."

"The Government should serve the best interests of the people.  How can poverty be eradicated if human nature is selfish?  The rich get richer and the poor keep getting poorer."

"I can come for the Philippines originally.  I have seen poverty everywhere and hope one day I could help.  If I were to write a message on the stone, it would be:

Education can help eradicate poverty.  Education can not be stolen, use wisely and you reap good rewards."

"Poverty is just a name but to me it is the dark clouds of rain. Human beings were not meant to exist in poverty.  Who has the eyes to see through poverty? Time will tell."

"Getting the Government to take notice of the plight of people living in poverty instead of cutting benefits. More should be done to help.  Not giving to the rich."

"Poverty needs eradicating and people need to do more.  People in poverty feel shame and their human rights are violated and it shouldn't happen."

"Human rights need to be heard.  People need to be listened to.  People in poverty should be supported and respected equally to the rich.  Everyone has a voice."

"People who have learning disabilities are discriminated. People don't want to work with them.  We need to be inclusive, to work together and to understand each other.

Talking about poverty makes me think of discrimination.  Our Prime minister should be more understanding."

"Coming together on this day to air our voices on the behalf of others from all over the world to end poverty. As we have one voice and one goal."

"Poverty could be eradicated if local Government thought things through properly and carefully. They need to stop the mismanagement of funds and re-distribute those funds back to the poorest in society."

This year's event was really inspiring, bringing people together from all walks of life to take a stand against poverty.
Thanks to everyone who took part and especially those who supported us for this special day.

Special thanks to ..

Justice au Coeur, Camberwell house, Rachel, who volunteered to run a Read Aloud session, Lambeth Chinese Community and our special guest from ATD Quart Monde Maurice

Descripción del evento

October 17 marks the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. On this day ATD Fourth World will open the doors to its national headquarters at 48, Addington Square for a day of activities, creative workshops, music and entertainment. 

Bring your family, young and not so young. Show solidarity with people affected by poverty. Find out about poverty, inequality and social exclusion in the UK. Help us to challenge the negative attitudes held towards people who are experiencing poverty. Children will be entertained and there will be a selection of photographs from The Roles We Play: Recognising the Contribution of People in Poverty on exhibition http://therolesweplay.co.uk/

October 17, will be a day of community, entertainment and learning:

"On this day we recommit to think, decide and act together against extreme poverty -- and plan for a world where no-one is left behind. Our aim must be prosperity for all, not just a few." United Nations' Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

ATD FOURTH WORLD works in partnership with people affected by poverty. We are commitment to representing people living in poverty. We work alongside those we represent, as only together will we find solutions to eradicate extreme poverty in the UK. You can find out more on the day about our commitment to fighting poverty and if you would like to GET INVOLVED this would be the perfect opportunity to find out how.

Activities for adults and children
Creative workshops
Entertainment for all
There will be a short film presentation and multi-media information demonstrating.

Join us for a day of music and activities with a message. 

at 11:30–16:00 pm

FREE ENTRY (donations welcome)

The Roles We Play website: http://therolesweplay.co.uk/
Twitter: @ATDFourthWorld
Instagram: rolesweplay

48 Addington Square
Reino Unido