Strengthening our water bodies

The recent deluge of rains and floods has taught us lessons which should adhered to for our well being. We have learnt about compassion and supporting each other during this crisis.

Most importantly about how not to mess with nature, yes, we have stolen away water bodies and converted them into mansions, property holdings and dump yards.

Water bodies could be a lake or a pond. We adore and worship the manifestation of nature yet when nature comes close to us, we abuse it.

Our NGO Shabnam Resources which works in the Tiruvallur and Chennai districts usually works for the welfare of disadvantaged children.

Recently they created a new campaign project. Team members along with other volunteers took it upon themselves to clean, enhance and bio-shield water bodies in and around the city.

Six waterbodies at Singalchery and Salikuppam have benefited. A total of 150 people have taken part. Children have been picking up pieces of plastic garbage. We want to plant trees and protect these areas of water bodies from any onslaught of encroachment and neglect. We want to stop the dumping of waste.

Michael H., India

Shabnam Resources

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