Learning from the Letter to Friends

Dear Letter to Friends Around the World,

I learned a lot from your Letter n°92.

Mr Joseph: "We didn't know what we should do.  We were trying, searching, learning.  Everybody's bravery and intelligence combined."

Blaise N: "If you have capacities, then you can do something. It's a powerful lever that gives us strength."

I did not achieve what I would like to achieve on Saturday 17 October 2015. In the evening, I meditated by the side of my bed about your poster about:




Long term dispossession

On that day 17 October 2015, store workers went on strike and walk out because they were required to be available for flexible and variable working hours without any hours of work being guaranteed to them.  These arrangements are called zero hour contracts for workers.

Thank you for your wondrous newsletter.

Reg M., New Zealand

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