Girls rickshaw project

Dear friends,

Very recently a Hindu newspaper (One of the leading English daily journals in India) carried the news regarding the Nanban's girls auto rickshaw project.

NANBAN came up with the innovative idea of the children, including the girls, becoming rickshaw-taxi drivers. Despite opposition and prejudice, the young people were keen and demonstrated high levels of commitment.

They were trained as drivers and were given loans for their equipment, with a repayment schedule. They had lessons in karate to be able to defend themselves. This activity has offered them the opportunity to earn substantial sums, and become independent.

They can feel positive about their future prospects. They can move on from dependence on the projects towards a full and independent life, in which they have some control over their future, and are rewarded for their own efforts.

Here is the link to the newspaper article:

With lots of warm regards

James, India